A downloadable game for Windows

Goof Ball is a couch multiplayer game that is focused solely on being FUN. Simple mechanics. Simple graphics. Simply awesome.

Basic Gameplay:  Maneuver your player and use a bat that you control with the right stick on your controller.

Game Modes:

  • Soccer: Get the ball into the opposing teams goal.
  • Sumo: Don't get pushed or launched into the goals (this includes either one of the goals).
  • Attack/Defend: The goals disappear and reappear at regular intervals.
  • Paint: When you make a goal the ball changes to your team color and  "paints" the background wherever it goes until the other team makes a goal. Your team must have more area painted than the other team when time runs out.

More game modes, features, and improvements are to come.

Note: Controllers required. No single player. Only local multiplayer. Meant to be played with friends.


GoofBall.zip 31 MB

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